Just seemed time to step back a bit and take a bit of a rest for my throat and my schedule.

That doesn’t mean I’m not singing. I’ve still got one or two shows every week – it just means I’m not singing at quite as many places quite as frequently! So if you want to see me perform, try to make it to one of the one or two shows that I send notices about. 🙂

So keep an eye on my calendar. I’ve got a new gig tonight, for example, at Zentopia!

And of course there’s always that Saturday night gig at The Saranac House!

Check it out! Hope to see you all at a show sometime soon. 🙂


Thanks everyone, for voting and helping me pick the songs I should put at my listening booth.

The winners were:

1st) Cry Me a River
2nd & 3rd – Tied) Foolish Games and Kiss Me

I took down the page with the songs, so if you want to hear them now you have to come on down to a show, or at least head to my Trax booth. Here’s the slurl:


Thanks again everyone! You were all a huge help!


FYI! Last night I updated the song list. Take a look on the site! Not only does it have all the new songs, but i’t s ALPHABETIZED by performer’s last name finally! Hoo!

Invites went out this past weekend to the group and the subscribo, so take a look in your inventory! 6 – 9 this evening at my Jungle Bar. If you need a TP, send me an IM. 

Hope to see a bunch of people there!  Hooo!

Hey everyone! Four Moons Pub was a really great place to play last night! It’s a fun place – great vibe to it. You should check it out!

Four Moons Pub

I had such fun there that I was really hoping to play there again soon, so imagine how pleased I am to report that as starting next Sunday (8/30/09), I’ll be playing a regular 5pm weekly gig there! Thanks, Van! I’m really looking forward to it!

Hi there Dreamers!

Last night at Waterside was so fun. Mic (MrMulti Writer) started the night off right – I always love listening to him. Then it was my turn and I had a few people dancing on my chim while I sang. Had a bunch of requests for some songs I hadn’t done in a while, so it was nice dusting off some old favorites.

So, next week, I’m thinking that on Tuesday night (8/25), I’d love to have my group members over to Dreamscape Valley for an evening of just hanging out. I have this cool “dreamscene” jungle bar sky box that I thought would be neat to use as a little gathering place, and I’ll dj for old times sakes and maybe sing a little here and there. I hardly ever just get a chance to CHAT with all of you, so I’d love to see you all there to just hang out. If you’re a group member or subscribo member, or on my friends list, be looking for an invite!

Hi Everyone! I really need your help deciding something: I’ve got to pick three of my best songs to put out in a listening booth in SL and I want them to really be representative of what I do well and the kind of music I sing.

Problem is, I can’t PICK! There are too many on my list that I like, and I know I’m not the most objective. So I’ve narrowed it down to a few that I’ve been waffling about.

Please click over to the “VOTE HERE” tab, and take a minute to listen to the ones you don’t know. Then vote for the one you think you like best! I’ll put the top 3 out and the decision will be made! Please Vote soon – the files won’t be out that long!

Here’s the poll (it’s also on the page with the songs on it!) Thanks again, everyone!