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Hey folks – do ya like the new look for the Blog? I’m in one of my phases where I’m determined to keep this thing up again. LOL.  So I’ve actually created a Facebook presence, and a twitter feed – click the links on the side for both of those!

Tonight, like every Tuesday for the past several months, at 7:00 pm SLT, I’m singing at the fabulous Whisky A Go Go in Second Life, which is modeled on the real one on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA.  The owner of the sim (and venue), Cameron Trenchcoat, has been such an amazing friend and supporter, and it’s such an honor to play at the Whisky regularly.  Norith and I always have such fun there, and it’s just a great place to be.  So I do hope you’ll join us!!  Here’s a link to the SLURL map (it’ll launch your SL browser from there and you can TP straight to the venue in-world.)


Look forward to seeing you all there with us!



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Just seemed time to step back a bit and take a bit of a rest for my throat and my schedule.

That doesn’t mean I’m not singing. I’ve still got one or two shows every week – it just means I’m not singing at quite as many places quite as frequently! So if you want to see me perform, try to make it to one of the one or two shows that I send notices about. 🙂

So keep an eye on my calendar. I’ve got a new gig tonight, for example, at Zentopia!

And of course there’s always that Saturday night gig at The Saranac House!

Check it out! Hope to see you all at a show sometime soon. 🙂

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FYI! Last night I updated the song list. Take a look on the site! Not only does it have all the new songs, but i’t s ALPHABETIZED by performer’s last name finally! Hoo!

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Hey Dreamers!  Yes, I know… I’m a bad poster!  I tend to post when i think there’s news… 

Well, there’s news NOW:  I’m so excited to tell you about our music video on YouTube!  It’s my rendition of “Cry Me a River”.  I just love that song, and Norith showed just one of his many talents while putting this together! I was just thrilled with it – he really seemed to just reach into my head and pull out the exact vision I had!    Please check it out!


To give credit where credit is due – Our efforts were kicked off by the wonderful videos that Sazzy Oh put together for the two songs I’ve got out there singing as a duet with MrMulti Writer – “High on a Hill” and “Amie”.  Please check them out too! They’re great! You can find links to both here on her YouTube channel page:


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Hello Everyone!

Thank You Annan! Jenna and I are proud to be apart of your team!
We will be out and about trying to open some new avenues for Annan so don’t be suprised to see us dropping in to visit.  Please don’t be afraid to contact us if you would like to schedule Annan. We will do our very best to fit you into her busy schedule! ~Geoff & Jenna~

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Looking forward to Tonight!

Hey Dreamers!

An exciting night tonight! I’ll be doing my first show at Midnight Romance Ballroom at 6pm.  It’s a gorgeous, romantic place, so make sure to bring someone with you and get alllll dressed up and just have a wonderful time. I’ll be there every Saturday from 6 – 7, except for the first Saturday of the month, when I perform at Ocean Blues Jazz Club from 6 – 7.

I had my first show at Ocean Blues last week, and it was WONDERFUL. The people are so nice! I’m really looking forward to getting back there again.

So on other topics, there are a lot of fun things going on right now in SL.  If anyone has never done a hunt, you should try them 🙂 They’re lots of fun. I’m planning to do the one that starts tomorrow – it’s called the “Go Fly a Kite” Grid Wide Hunt. It’s sponsored by Justonemore Loon and Lily Karlsbar of the 1101 Club.  There are over 230 vendors participating, each with a gift for you when you find the kite in their location! I think I’ll blog a bit about what I find!

See you later today!


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