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Dual Streams Everywhere!!

I’ve been dual-streaming a lot lately! I know some of you have heard the term, but may not understand exactly what it entails. Basically, one performer plays and sends out their music like normal. Then the next performer listens to the first performer’s stream, sings or plays along with it, mixes it all together, and streams THAT to the venue and listeners! The first performer doesn’t hear the second performer at all, but it sounds as though both are in the same room.

If you’ve been to any of the shows where I sing with MrMulti Writer, that’s a simple description of what’s happening. Mic sings, I listen and sing along, and then you all hear what –I– send out. (So if the balance is bad, it’s probably my fault.) LOL. I was having some issues recently after reconfiguring my system but *crossing fingers!* it all seems to have been worked out. Mic and I are looking forward to the next duet show this coming Saturday at Acoustic Garden Club!

I’ve also been practicing with and have performed a few times with Maximillion Kleene, a very talented performer I met at the Baltimore Jam. He’s a real pleasure to work with!

Possible future dual streams are in the works with Ed Lowell and Keeba Tammas! Stay Tuned!

Upcoming Shows!

This week I’m at the following venues:

Thursday 5/19 – 7pm – The Merry Prankster (click link for SLURL map)

Friday 5/20 – 7pm – Sinatra Jazz – Inworldz (see Annan’s profile picks in Inworldz for LM)

Saturday 5/21 – 7pm – Acoustic Garden Club  – Dual Stream with MrMulti Writer (click link for SLURL map)

Easier Samples for Your Listening Pleasure!

Now you can click on the “Recordings to Enjoy” page and see a variety of sample songs that I’ve finally figured out how to link to from Singsnap. You can still get to the whole catalog of things on Singsnap from the link on the right, but this makes it a little easier!

Look for more shows soon!

I’m ramping up now and in the next few weeks will start doing shows on a more regular basis! Look to see you at some of them!

— Annan


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Thanks everyone, for voting and helping me pick the songs I should put at my listening booth.

The winners were:

1st) Cry Me a River
2nd & 3rd – Tied) Foolish Games and Kiss Me

I took down the page with the songs, so if you want to hear them now you have to come on down to a show, or at least head to my Trax booth. Here’s the slurl:


Thanks again everyone! You were all a huge help!


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Hey everyone! Four Moons Pub was a really great place to play last night! It’s a fun place – great vibe to it. You should check it out!

Four Moons Pub

I had such fun there that I was really hoping to play there again soon, so imagine how pleased I am to report that as starting next Sunday (8/30/09), I’ll be playing a regular 5pm weekly gig there! Thanks, Van! I’m really looking forward to it!

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Hi there Dreamers!

Last night at Waterside was so fun. Mic (MrMulti Writer) started the night off right – I always love listening to him. Then it was my turn and I had a few people dancing on my chim while I sang. Had a bunch of requests for some songs I hadn’t done in a while, so it was nice dusting off some old favorites.

So, next week, I’m thinking that on Tuesday night (8/25), I’d love to have my group members over to Dreamscape Valley for an evening of just hanging out. I have this cool “dreamscene” jungle bar sky box that I thought would be neat to use as a little gathering place, and I’ll dj for old times sakes and maybe sing a little here and there. I hardly ever just get a chance to CHAT with all of you, so I’d love to see you all there to just hang out. If you’re a group member or subscribo member, or on my friends list, be looking for an invite!

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Hi Everyone! I really need your help deciding something: I’ve got to pick three of my best songs to put out in a listening booth in SL and I want them to really be representative of what I do well and the kind of music I sing.

Problem is, I can’t PICK! There are too many on my list that I like, and I know I’m not the most objective. So I’ve narrowed it down to a few that I’ve been waffling about.

Please click over to the “VOTE HERE” tab, and take a minute to listen to the ones you don’t know. Then vote for the one you think you like best! I’ll put the top 3 out and the decision will be made! Please Vote soon – the files won’t be out that long!

Here’s the poll (it’s also on the page with the songs on it!) Thanks again, everyone!

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Hey Dreamers!  Yes, I know… I’m a bad poster!  I tend to post when i think there’s news… 

Well, there’s news NOW:  I’m so excited to tell you about our music video on YouTube!  It’s my rendition of “Cry Me a River”.  I just love that song, and Norith showed just one of his many talents while putting this together! I was just thrilled with it – he really seemed to just reach into my head and pull out the exact vision I had!    Please check it out!


To give credit where credit is due – Our efforts were kicked off by the wonderful videos that Sazzy Oh put together for the two songs I’ve got out there singing as a duet with MrMulti Writer – “High on a Hill” and “Amie”.  Please check them out too! They’re great! You can find links to both here on her YouTube channel page:


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So guess what? I’m learning to play the ukelele.  I asked for one for my birthday last month, and so far I’ve got 4 chords down.  That’s enough to play a lot of songs, but of course, I’m nowhere near good enough to introduce that to the act yet.

You’d be amazed at how different a ukelele sounds than you’d expect.  Ever heard of Jake Shimabukuru? Go on Youtube and check him out. You’ll be amazed.  And that version of Over The Rainbow by Iz (Israel) kamakawiwoole is stunningly pretty.  So no, it’s not all “woka woka woka” kind of music…

Mine is a concert ukelele and it sound like a tenor or capo’d guitar. I love it – it has very sweet tones to it and it’s not intimidating at all. I have REALLY SMALL hands, so it fits just right – guitars overwhelm me.

So why a ukelele, Annan? Well, see, here’s the thing:  I love to sing. I mean I LOVE to sing. I believe a voice is an instrument, and I everytime I use my “instrument” I try to get better and better at it.  But I’ve always wanted to learn to play an actual instrument as well.  I was in band as a child, and loved my clarinet and my flute, but developed asthma and ended up switching away from them to the xylophone.  Granted, it didn’t use my lungs, but it wasn’t nearly as fun for me either, so I stopped playing.  Over the years, after I outgrew my asthma, I’ve focused more on singing, and I love it more than anything else I do. It is the one hobby I’ve taken on that I just NEVER get bored with, and am always working to improve at.  But I’d love to be able to play to accompany myself. Singing to backgrounds is wonderful, but there is a feeling to live music – an organic feeling, plus an ability to improvise – that I can’t get using backtracks.

And then let’s add this in:  The truth is, there are places out there in SL, and people out there in SL, who don’t see what I do as “real” music. That burns me up. It really does. Every time I sing, it is with every ounce of energy and concentration I can muster. I have a very sophisticated set-up of mics, mixing boards and music.  I sing a wide variety of songs ranging across a truly diverse spectrum of genres. And still, you hear the occasional ignorant person denounce it as “just singing” or as “karaoke”.

Sure – I guess you might say that technically, I’m singing to pre-recorded background music, like you do with karaoke.  But that’s not what I’m doing in my head and my heart, and it’s not what I’m doing with these songs. Every new song that I sing I have practiced and sung over and over and over until I can forget about the little technicalities, and truly sing it with my heart and my soul for the people listening. I am not singing karaoke, I am performing covers with a back-up band.  It doesn’t matter if the backup band is there, or previously recorded, it’s still the same thing – I’m a singer singing with music. Period.  I am perfectly capable of singing just as well with live music, and have done so in dual streams performed live in SL.  (MrMulti and I are working on this regularly.)  It’s just that I don’t happen to play myself.  My instrument currently, is my voice.  And I’m proud of that. Unequivocally.

That said, I’m learning the ukelele because it’s the first stringed instrument that I picked up, strummed and instantly felt connected to. It made me smile. It makes my fingers happy. I like it. I can feel that I will be able to learn it to a point where I can play it naturally and not be so focused on the mechanics of playing that my singing becomes wooden and rote because I can’t focus.  I can feel it come alive in a way that means someday, I’ll be able to write my own songs on it.  And I can’t wait. 🙂

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