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Dual Streams Everywhere!!

I’ve been dual-streaming a lot lately! I know some of you have heard the term, but may not understand exactly what it entails. Basically, one performer plays and sends out their music like normal. Then the next performer listens to the first performer’s stream, sings or plays along with it, mixes it all together, and streams THAT to the venue and listeners! The first performer doesn’t hear the second performer at all, but it sounds as though both are in the same room.

If you’ve been to any of the shows where I sing with MrMulti Writer, that’s a simple description of what’s happening. Mic sings, I listen and sing along, and then you all hear what –I– send out. (So if the balance is bad, it’s probably my fault.) LOL. I was having some issues recently after reconfiguring my system but *crossing fingers!* it all seems to have been worked out. Mic and I are looking forward to the next duet show this coming Saturday at Acoustic Garden Club!

I’ve also been practicing with and have performed a few times with Maximillion Kleene, a very talented performer I met at the Baltimore Jam. He’s a real pleasure to work with!

Possible future dual streams are in the works with Ed Lowell and Keeba Tammas! Stay Tuned!

Upcoming Shows!

This week I’m at the following venues:

Thursday 5/19 – 7pm – The Merry Prankster (click link for SLURL map)

Friday 5/20 – 7pm – Sinatra Jazz – Inworldz (see Annan’s profile picks in Inworldz for LM)

Saturday 5/21 – 7pm – Acoustic Garden Club  – Dual Stream with MrMulti Writer (click link for SLURL map)

Easier Samples for Your Listening Pleasure!

Now you can click on the “Recordings to Enjoy” page and see a variety of sample songs that I’ve finally figured out how to link to from Singsnap. You can still get to the whole catalog of things on Singsnap from the link on the right, but this makes it a little easier!

Look for more shows soon!

I’m ramping up now and in the next few weeks will start doing shows on a more regular basis! Look to see you at some of them!

— Annan


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