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Soooo… I think we all agree, I suck at updating a blog. 🙂  I should do it more often, granted, but… well, I don’t always have stuff to say!!

But see, I save it all up and now, I have lots of news!

First: lots of new shows! (edited 5.17.2011 to remove inaccurate schedule info – changed since orig post)

  • ACOUSTIC GARDEN CLUB:  Every Saturday at 7pm, I am at Acoustic Garden Club, usually doing duets in a dual-stream show with MrMulti Writer, aka “Mic”. We have a great time and work really hard to come up with great new songs every few weeks or so to keep things fresh. We usually alternate doing duets and solos, so we can do a pretty wide range of songs over the course of a show! Beautiful ambiance in the garden too. Bring someone along!
  • INWORLDZ  – Sinatra Jazz – Every other Friday night at 7pm, I’ve got a regular gig at the popular Sinatra Jazz venue in InWorldz. If you haven’t been to InWorldz, give it a try 🙂 It’s a lot of fun there, and everyone is SO friendly!  You can always check my calendar to see if it’s Sinatra Jazz week!  For a LM, look in my picks once you’re in world.

Next bit of news, and the last two are sorta wrapped up together:  I’ve been practicing like MAD on my ukelele, and am happy to report I’m feeling pretty good. What I’m doing is simple, but quite pretty! So… I might be rolling out my debut performance at…

SL MidAtlantic Jam! Yep! That’s right – Norith and I are registered to attend the MidAtlantic Jam (with a few assorted family members too!), and meet in person with a lot of really good friends.  I haven’t seen the official list recently, but I know for a fact that I’ll be meeting MrMulti Writer and the lovely Meetu there! MrMulti will be playing his own set, as well as helping me with music for mine and for our duets! OMG – I’ve been singing with this guy for almost 2 years, and FINALLY I am going to get to meet him!!!

For my bit of the show, you’ll see a healthy mix of duets with MrMulti, solos where I sing and MrMulti plays music for me, a track or two, and … my MAD UKE SKILLZ.  I’m also looking forward to meeting VanMorrison Mint there. Van is the owner of the Saranac House and has been a great friend of mine for a long while now. Norith and I are really looking forward to meeting him!  And yes, Keeba, you’ll get your pics… be careful what you wish for. 😛

Anyway, now you know… the REST of the STORY.  (so far anyhoooo)….

Huggles and luvvles!



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