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I’ve been singing again this past few months, now that I’ve started feeling better and my summer of craziness seems to have settled down.  And when I say I’ve been doing a few shows “here” and “there” — I mean it literally.  I’ve been performing both in SL, and more recently, several shows in “InWorldz”.

InWorldz is an alternate grid, very similar to SL in the basics of the world (because it’s based on the older SL architecture, I think, as are most of the ‘open grid’ sims.. I only have a slight understanding of all this. I’m sure Norith could explain it quite well.. anyway, I digress) — it’s similar to SL in “HOW” things work – but there are a lot of differences too.  It’s like being on the new frontier – not that it’s lawless… just that there’s a sense of “beginning” there.  Of being part of something that’s just starting… and I like it a lot!  There are music venues slowly springing up throughout InWorldz, and I imagine I’ll be singing at some of them pretty regularly going forward – so I may actually begin notating in my calendar “IW – location name” and “SL – location name”… just so people know which Grid to look for me in 🙂

Anyway – I’ve started REALLY doing a lot of work on my Ukulele practice, and I’m improving by leaps and bounds. Nor and I have also started working on putting those original songs of ours into music I can use and play to accompany myself.  So you’re all witnessing what may be the beginning of a new phase for Annan:  performing live, original music played on my own instrument.  I’m SO excited. I love my backtracks, don’t get me wrong – a lot of them are really wonderful music to sing to and I will still be using them! — but it’s a totally different experience as a performer to be able to pick up an instrument and make the music myself that supports my voice… i could go on forever about all of this. LOL. I’ve had a lot pent up, I guess!  Sooo anyway– look for me in IW ok!?  Check out my booth there at this cool place called “Tunez”.  I’d post a slurl, but that only works in chat there, not in links from the web.  So just look for it in my profile picks if you sign in!  Tell ’em Annan sent you!  And if you DO sign on, Friend Me!! I need friends! 🙂


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