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FYI! Last night I updated the song list. Take a look on the site! Not only does it have all the new songs, but i’t s ALPHABETIZED by performer’s last name finally! Hoo!


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Invites went out this past weekend to the group and the subscribo, so take a look in your inventory! 6 – 9 this evening at my Jungle Bar. If you need a TP, send me an IM. 

Hope to see a bunch of people there!  Hooo!

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Hey everyone! Four Moons Pub was a really great place to play last night! It’s a fun place – great vibe to it. You should check it out!

Four Moons Pub

I had such fun there that I was really hoping to play there again soon, so imagine how pleased I am to report that as starting next Sunday (8/30/09), I’ll be playing a regular 5pm weekly gig there! Thanks, Van! I’m really looking forward to it!

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Hi there Dreamers!

Last night at Waterside was so fun. Mic (MrMulti Writer) started the night off right – I always love listening to him. Then it was my turn and I had a few people dancing on my chim while I sang. Had a bunch of requests for some songs I hadn’t done in a while, so it was nice dusting off some old favorites.

So, next week, I’m thinking that on Tuesday night (8/25), I’d love to have my group members over to Dreamscape Valley for an evening of just hanging out. I have this cool “dreamscene” jungle bar sky box that I thought would be neat to use as a little gathering place, and I’ll dj for old times sakes and maybe sing a little here and there. I hardly ever just get a chance to CHAT with all of you, so I’d love to see you all there to just hang out. If you’re a group member or subscribo member, or on my friends list, be looking for an invite!

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Hi Everyone! I really need your help deciding something: I’ve got to pick three of my best songs to put out in a listening booth in SL and I want them to really be representative of what I do well and the kind of music I sing.

Problem is, I can’t PICK! There are too many on my list that I like, and I know I’m not the most objective. So I’ve narrowed it down to a few that I’ve been waffling about.

Please click over to the “VOTE HERE” tab, and take a minute to listen to the ones you don’t know. Then vote for the one you think you like best! I’ll put the top 3 out and the decision will be made! Please Vote soon – the files won’t be out that long!

Here’s the poll (it’s also on the page with the songs on it!) Thanks again, everyone!

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Hey Dreamers!  Yes, I know… I’m a bad poster!  I tend to post when i think there’s news… 

Well, there’s news NOW:  I’m so excited to tell you about our music video on YouTube!  It’s my rendition of “Cry Me a River”.  I just love that song, and Norith showed just one of his many talents while putting this together! I was just thrilled with it – he really seemed to just reach into my head and pull out the exact vision I had!    Please check it out!


To give credit where credit is due – Our efforts were kicked off by the wonderful videos that Sazzy Oh put together for the two songs I’ve got out there singing as a duet with MrMulti Writer – “High on a Hill” and “Amie”.  Please check them out too! They’re great! You can find links to both here on her YouTube channel page:


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