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Looking forward to Tonight!

Hey Dreamers!

An exciting night tonight! I’ll be doing my first show at Midnight Romance Ballroom at 6pm.  It’s a gorgeous, romantic place, so make sure to bring someone with you and get alllll dressed up and just have a wonderful time. I’ll be there every Saturday from 6 – 7, except for the first Saturday of the month, when I perform at Ocean Blues Jazz Club from 6 – 7.

I had my first show at Ocean Blues last week, and it was WONDERFUL. The people are so nice! I’m really looking forward to getting back there again.

So on other topics, there are a lot of fun things going on right now in SL.  If anyone has never done a hunt, you should try them 🙂 They’re lots of fun. I’m planning to do the one that starts tomorrow – it’s called the “Go Fly a Kite” Grid Wide Hunt. It’s sponsored by Justonemore Loon and Lily Karlsbar of the 1101 Club.  There are over 230 vendors participating, each with a gift for you when you find the kite in their location! I think I’ll blog a bit about what I find!

See you later today!



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