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Wow, what a performers frenzy Valentine’s Day is. I had no idea – this time last year I wasn’t in any of the groups that got notices of live performances. There were so many to choose from yesterday that I’m all the happier and more flattered that many of you chose to come to MY performance. *kisses* We had fun, as always, at Boondock by the Beach. I think maybe enaiD and Kiss had a few too many Valentine’s Day chocolates or somethin, tho, cuz they sure seemed like they were on a sugar rush! hee hee!

Speaking of, the Boondock Saint has a new blog! Check this out: The Boondock Saint”.

Nor, Reef and I spent the two hours before my show hanging out at Rolland Rock with Rolo, Kali and the gang. They had a Valentine’s formal event and it was so nice – lotsa fun and silliness!

It was a nice day all around – got lotsa cool freebies thrown at us, didn’t we!? Gotta make time to sort it all now and go through it. It’ll be a nice relaxing way to spend an hour or two today.

Tonight is my everyother weekly show at Midnight Kiss! Noni and the gang there are so nice -hope you’ll all find a minute or two to stop by!

Til’ then, Dream Sweet!



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Hi there, Dreamers! What a busy week it’s been!

First, let me officially introduce MacKenzie Bolissima.  Mac’s my new Manager for all things performance-related. She’s a friend, and a great person too! She’s been really busy this last week, getting me all set up with great new venues and opportunities.  Anyone who wants to book me at a venue should contact Mac – she’ll get it all hooked up!

One of the new places I was proud to perform at this week was Friday’s show at the Lighthouse Jazz Club.  I was honored to be asked to perform there as the first show of the evening, prior to the start of their first “Open Mic” event, which was in celebration of their 1 year anniversary, I believe. Habbanero Barbosa and Jazz Brennon, the owners, were wonderful! So nice to perform there – what a wonderful crowd. As you all know, I love to do requests, and there were plenty of them!  Hope to get back there again very soon. 🙂

The rest of the week was great as well – we had nice crowds at all the venues – Midnight Kiss, 1101 Club, Pannies, Rolland Rock, and Boondock by the Beach. It was an especially fun time last night at Boondock!  We nearly filled the sim, I believe (I checked at one point and there were 40 people on the map!) and I got so many requests I had to run a good half-hour over. I love the ladies at Boondock for that – always so nice about letting me sing over. Thats a nice thing about having the last spot of the night there! Hooo!

This upcoming week should be great too. So far on the schedule we have my regular shows at 1101 club (Tues @ 6), Two Shows at Pannies (Wed @ 7 and Thurs @ 8), and Boondock by the Beach (Sat @ 8:30). I’m pretty sure Mac’s coming up with a few other opportunities, so I’ll get to see a lot of all of you this week!

In the meantime, Dream Sweet!

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