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It’s Saturday, and that means a show at Boondock by the Beach tonight. I love that place. Catz and enaiD and Amory are all sooo great. It’s a hoot the way enaiD messes with Norith.  She put him in a jar last time, like a BUG, and made him dance to get out… and it was a funny dance too. He looked like he had an itch. LOL.. I wish I had pictures. Anyways, we always have fun there.

I’ve been giving thought to getting a “manager” – you know, someone who books stuff for me and sends out notices etc. I would love to see more and more of my friends at my shows, and new people too, so I’m trying to come up with good ways of making that happen.  It seems to me like getting someone to help me with that end of things might be the way to go. So we’ll see… 😀  Anyone know a good (experienced!) manager who’d like to help out? Send ’em my way!

Working on some new songs to add to the list! Suggestions anyone?

Hugs and kisses!



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Welcome Dreamers!

I’m so excited – I’ve been struggling with getting a blog set up where I could upload original recordings and provide all the information about my calendar and bookings etc., as well as a means of communicating with everyone.  I”ll admit, I wasn’t the best blogger on the last one, but I’m going to be posting here far more often.

Welcome to the new ~Dreamscape~ Blog.

I’m pleased to be able to have moved my blog over here to wordpress – I love the look and feel of it so much more.

It may not look the same as the old one, but the same information is available, so don’t worry!

There is a link to my calendar, and to my Singsnap recordings on the right hand side of the page here, and I’ve added several new pages, including one with the three original songs Norith wrote that I’ve performed in SL.  There will be more coming!


Yep – I’ve joined the Subscribe-O-Matic craze and can now send update notices to anyone who subscribes! Currently, the best way to do that is to come to a show in SL (see my calendar!) and click the subscribe board there. A single click is all it takes AND IT DOESN’T TAKE ONE OF YOUR SL GROUP SPOTS UP!

I’ve got several shows coming up in the next week, so make sure to click over to the calendar and plan ahead!

See you out there! Dream sweet!


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